Meet Jacques Crusoe

Meet Jacques Crusoe

Jacques Crusoe is an avid book lover with an insatiable passion for adventure. He begins receiving FK T-Shirts in the mail from the enigmatic Frederick Kinski. Intriguingly, each T-shirt comes with a small bottle containing a pill that grants Jacques the extraordinary ability to travel through time. When Jacques wears these T-Shirts and takes the accompanying pills, he embarks on a series of exhilarating journeys to different eras. These episodes are rich with a diverse array of strange and fascinating characters, making each adventure a unique and unpredictable experience. What sets this animated series apart is the clever connection between Jacques' travels and the specific details of the T-shirt he wears, whether it be linked to the artist, location, or any other intriguing element. The series weaves together the love for art and literature, the excitement of exploration, and the allure of time travel into a compelling narrative that keeps viewers eagerly anticipating each new episode.

Soon available on Kenkai Entertainment, You Tube. 

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