The Uluwatu - Bali - Indonesia T-Shirt

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Uluwatu is a magical beach in the island of Bali in Indonesia.

The entrance to the beach is thru a gigantic rock formation, through cave like tunnels you cross underneath the rock to the ocean side. There were native women with oil bottles offering to give one a massage.

This is one of the first T-Shirts I wanted to add to the Trips collection. Not just because the place is magical, unique, extremely virgin, as in no man-made anything. Except for the Uluwatu Temple which is above on the mountain that hovers over that place in the other side of the world, with a dark, mysterious ocean and it everlasting sets of surf waves.

 The T-Shirt was designed in January of 2023 and is so far owned by 0 people.


Frederick Kinski's Uluwatu T-Shirt


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