Meditation on Spotify

Meditation on Spotify

I had an iTunes account which I kept for a little more than 20 years. Spotify enters the arena and I was reluctant to use it, mostly because I was being faithful to my iTunes account. Then my son convinced me. 

Spotify is the best concept ever. But before making this too long, I found out today that they have a good bunch of choices for guided meditation.  

They have 2 minute to 1 hour meditations. Narrated by Men or Women, with superb sound. I don't see a need to even look at Meditation Apps anymore.

I found The Honest Guys, and I really enjoyed their guided meditations, a lot. Perfect voice and perfect background music. From The Honest Guys I recommend:

5 Minute Calming Guided Meditation, 5 mins.

Guided Deep Muscle Relaxation, 8 mins.

Guided Total Body Relaxation Talk-Through, 10 mins.




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