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Our mission is to create a brand that blends Arts and Entertainment into a creative gamut of unique products, while at the same time contributing with organizations that are creating solutions for healthier oceans.

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Frederick Kinski

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The Players

Frederick Kinski

Frederick Kinski

Brand Ambassadors
Matheus Vogetta - New York
Richie Cabrales - Oklahoma
Cesar Espinoza - Los Roques
Cain Stepford - Office Model

Photography Collaborations
Jake Blucker
David Clode
Paweł Czerwiński
Agustín Diaz
Paul Earle
Joshua Earle
Kalen Emsley
Guillaume Groult
Fernando Jorge
Guillermo Latorre
Eduard Marmet
Erastus McCart
Massimiliano Morosinotto
Andrew Neel
Shifaaz Shamoon
Oliver Sjostrom
Damir Spanic
Asaf R
Dynamic Wang

Ryan Wilson
John M Wu

Our Office is located at:

801 Brickell Bay Dr., Unit 1864
Miami, Florida 33131
United States of America