August 22, 2009

n Caracas, the red bitch screamed and screamed. She insulted Bush and Obama, what an annoying high pitch, and what a disastrous diction. But she is very good at showing how full of hate she is.

The Venezuelan army proved once again what we had known since the 80’s, when we as teenagers, feared being stopped by the Military Police if we had surfboards on the top of our cars. They are the meaning of the word repressed. Their ignorance was proven to my cousin and I more than ever when once, after stopping us for no reason, they let us go because they thought we were the kids of the TV show ‘Flipper’. We were 15 years younger than the Flipper Kids would have been at the time.

Koreans once again threatened the world…planes keep crashing…Greece is burning… Earth keeps quaking…Michael Jackson is a modern day mummy…Jimmy Carter keeps smiling and Insulza doesn’t, while they both give their soul in exchange for dollars. Whatever happened to Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn…it sure does not “Seem[s] Like Old Times”

Cowboy Zelaya was thrown out of his horse, which Micheletti now smoothly rides. Us dreamers wish someone could get rid of Chavez one of these nights while he is wearing his pajamas…Alice In Wonderland is coming to life thanks to genius Tim Burton…thanks Tim for helping us forget what really is going on.

Everyone now wears a Blackberry in one of their hands while the creative bunch decides to wear an iPhone instead…thanks Apple for the choice.

Did music die with the coming of Techno and Reggaeton?  Also, what is it with most people? They are not listening!, what is going on in their heads, that leaves them no time to listen?  Are we all MAD?

Meditation…good food…exercise…peace…spending time with your kids…or somebody else’s kids…the ocean…love…clean air…diving within ourselves.

The best is yet to come.
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