Crazy Times!

Crazy times all around the globe…it seems there has been an Earthquake somewhere in the world at least every other day for the past month, sometimes three days in a row…One of the best series in the history of Television goes to hiatus, after the next to last season finale, an airplane with 228 people disappears in the Atlantic Ocean. LOST!

A non-positive, non-peaceful, human monster in South America has been left to have so much power that he has infested with his hate a major part of the continent, leaving me to wonder what Mafaldawould have said about it.

Angels and Demons hits the theaters as one of Charlie’s Angelsgets ready to leave this life…and makes sure her deathbed agonies are documented, Farewell Farrah…Unseen photos of, would-be-83-year-old, Marilyn Monroe are posted online.

People grow up to learn that they will not ever see their high-school buddies again…while “Social Utilities” come to the rescue and reunite generations of friends around the world, thank you Mark Zuckerberg.

Koreans do what they want…Jimmy Carter smiles as he lies…The ice keeps melting…Ashton keeps publicizing his spelling mistakes…Demi keeps publicizing her majestic body…France wants Scientology out…Real Pirates became part of the daily news…GM files for bankruptcy…Twitter will be bought by Ya-Who?...Heath Ledgerdies in his 20's, just like Jim, River & Kurt…Red meat is proven to be cancerous, sorry, has been proven to be cancerous, again and again, for the past 30 years. Oh, and Doctors everywhere are recommending to eat Fruits & Vegetables for all possible healthy reasons, which was just discovered…about 30 years ago.

The President of the General Assembly in Venezuela does not know how to say the word “transparent”, IN SPANISH, yet her very expensive fashion glasses are “Tranparentes”.

Sabado Sensacional” becomes a world wide show, renamed “American Idol”, and packs of people are watching…but then again, Jack Bauer was one of The Lost Boys.

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