Un Cadeau de Magritte

Un Cadeau de Magritte

René Magritte, a Belgian surrealist artist, is known for incorporating various elements and motifs in his paintings. One of these elements is a sphere that is split in two. It turns out these spheres are called grelots, and are bells or rattles that horses wore around their necks during Magritte's childhood. 

I have always been curious about them since I first saw them at a Magritte showing in Bern. At first I saw them as elements from another world. I decided that I would use them in someway and that is why I called it 'Un Cadeau de Magritte', which means, 'A Gift from Magritte', written in the Artist first language, French.

I drew mine from scratch and decided to change them a bit. I use them in groups of three and they seem to be red on the inside. There is an FK T-Shirt which includes my three spheres, also titled 'Un Cadeau de Magritte'.


Un Cadeau de Magritte T-Shirt by Frederick Kinski on Michelangelo's David.


Magritte's use of everyday objects in surreal or unexpected ways is characteristic of his style, and his work often explores the relationship between reality and illusion. The rattles are just one example of the many intriguing elements present in Magritte's paintings.


Un Cadeau de Magritte T-Shirt by Frederick Kinski

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